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the hottest trend in food:
flavor bursts!

and here’s how to flavor burst with ease…Back porch secret seasonings

secret blends of herbs, spices and essential oils in single-meal packets

seriously...simply sprinkle over chicken, beef, seafood or veggies, and transform ingredients into a meal that will have your family demanding second helpings

$2.95 each

Secret Seasoning for Chicken
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Secret Seasoning for Burgers
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Secret Seasoning for Seafood
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Secret Seasoning for Veggies
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rekindle a life of connection

welcome to the back porch life


The not-so-slow demise of families, friendships, and American traditions weighs heavy on my heart. With a Masters in School Counseling, I served students in this capacity for many years. What I witnessed in schools is happening across our nation, and across all age groups: we have lost connection.

One of the greatest human needs is to be heard, to have someone really listen. It’s our job as parents, as friends, as humans (!) to create space every day for conversation, laughter, and listening. Cooking creates this magical space.

Connection is why I cook. I’m not motivated by fancy food. (Give me a goulash any day of the week!) Nor do I give a hoot about what I call “free food” – gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, get the idea. What gets me into the kitchen? What cooking brings to my life: connection with my family, connection with my friends. Nurturing relationships.

I’m here to help you rekindle a life of connection. Let’s get into the kitchen and get started!

PS: If you’ve read my books, you know I cook with essential oils, because, quite simply, they make food so flavorful. But if you’re new to the world of essential oils, that’s OK...let’s get started and you can incorporate oils at your own pace.

Connection changes lives.





– Welcome To Our Family –

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