Are you surrounded by people and still feel alone?
Do you live close to your parents and still feel rootless?
Did you commit to emotional or career growth and haven’t moved an inch?

Real Connection is the Challenge
connection to your true self, and connection to others

and I’m here to help


Many people think of me as the “cooking lady.” But before the cookbooks, before the family of seven, before the secret seasonings, I was the “counselor lady.” I have an MS in Counseling, and served our public schools in this capacity for many years. And I’ll let you in on a secret:my love for counseling and connection is why I cook. Seriously. I’ve never been interested in being a “fancy chef” who spends two days creating one meal (good gravy, where would I find the time?!). I cook because of what happens after the cooking…gathering around a table and rekindling connections. Inviting friends to congregate on the back porch and talk about life. (Of course, I also have become a pretty darn good cook because I don’t think we could order pizza for a family of seven every night!)

Back to the counseling…my heart is in the rekindling of connections…starting with connections to oneself. (The relationship we have with ourselves dictates the relationship we have with others.) I cannot imagine a more rewarding hour than listening to you – really listening – and carefully peeling back the layers of emotions until you rediscover a connection with your core self. This connection allows you to grow and thrive where you’ve been planted; and have deeper, more meaningful relationships.

If you would like to take the bold step of insisting on a life of connection, let’s sit on the back porch and visit for an hour. And if you’re so inclined, I’ll share the secret to a killer meatloaf, too!

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Embrace Team Family

I am happy to offer my Embrace Team Family a complimentary 30 minute Connection Call. Please reach out to me to schedule a session on the Back Porch!